Smartfilm™ Window Tint

Car window tint kitLet’s face it, you have choices when it comes to getting your windows tinted. At Smartfilm™ Mesa we feel that our experience, training and dedication to being the best in the industry sets us apart. Sure you can probably have your windows tinted at the local Mesa car wash. It’s conveinent and cheap but don’t be fooled by the low price. You’re being duped into believing that the same kid that shines your tires is qualified to properly install a quality product on you vehicle. Then there’s the 1 stop shop offering everything from stereos to oil changes. Just like the car wash guys they can probably get it done but will it live up to your expectations. Speaking from experience, I’d say probably not. And lastly let’s not forget the ever “faithful” mobile window tinter. Do you really want to let someone try to do a quality install in a parking lot in Arizona 100+ degree temps? Would you let someone paint your car in your driveway? I would hope not. These guys are notorious for not showing up and heaven forbid you ever need service that doesn’t involve you paying them; like a warranty issue. I’m not trying to imply that window tinting is rocket science but it is a skilled trade. Don’t believe me call down to the temporary agency and tell them you need a window tinter for the day. Windows tinting for us is a passion and we are the best in the business at it.

At Smartfilm™ in Mesa all window tint work is done in a clean, climate controlled, indoor environment. We use the latest computer cut film technology to ensure all of our patterns are a digitaly perfect fit every time and the best products on the market. We take pride in being the best in business. It’s what compels us to continue to train. We work constantly with our manufacturers to make sure we have the latest techniques and certifications.

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