About Us

Smartfilm is bringing customer service back to the customer. For too long now we’ve seen companies, especially in the service industry, lose sight of the reason we are there. THE CUSTOMER! Our goal is to provide better service, better products, and better pricing than anyone else in the marketplace. At Smartfilm we believe that with our hands on approach and industry knowledge we can be better.

At Smartfilm we are so committed to this idea that we offer the industry’s only 100% complete money back guarantee. If for whatever reason we at, Smartfilm, can’t make you the customer happy we don’t deserve your money and therefore we will give it back.

Mission Statement

The mission of Smartfilm’s Customer Service goal is to always deliver the best customer service experience.

Vision Statement

SmartFilm’s Customer Satisfaction Goal is about providing timely, responsive service with integrity and a passion for excellence while meeting or exceeding the customer’s expectations

SmartFilm’s Customer Service Principles

•Recognize the importance of all customers and the role every Smartfilm employee plays in influencing the customer’s perceptions. While impacting these perceptions, be professional, reliable, credible, responsive and friendly.

•Communicate promptly and honestly and via the customers’ choice of medium. Try to be brief and clear.

•When a problem arises, which is inevitable, view the problem as an opportunity to improve. Solving problems will enable us to raise the quality of our products and services.

•Listen well, be responsive and demonstrate a sense of urgency. Understand that how something is said has a significant influence on how it is received. Under promise and over deliver.